Our Purpose

To ensure the growth of sustainable and resilient Black communities across Northamptonshire.

Our Aims

NBCT has the following aims as an organisation:

01Develop an effective and sustainable infrastructure for Black Community Organisations

02Improve support, services, and resources for Black communities and enable equal access to services

03Support local people and their communities

04Develop and enhance collaboration between Black Community Organisations

05Campaign for change

Our Values

NBCT values are inclusivity, diversity, collaboration and justice

NBCT Steering Group

Support Northamptonshire (Host)
Rashmi Shah Taggart
Pratima Dattani
Tish Shah
United African Association
Anne Wankiiri
Power of the Mind Networks
Mavis Mundirwa
Anjona Roy
Nigerian Association
Titus Ajayi
Kendrick Jonas
Join NBCT to serve the diverse communities beyond your locality, connect with diverse black communities countywide