Our Approach

Support us to support Black Communities

NBCT Approach

As an organisation we strive to serve the community, led by the community representation

The NBCT Working Group Members will ensure the approach as follows, remains at the heart of the direct as the organisations grow through the attraction of like-minded black organisations to help best serve the county’s diverse populations.

We will be community led, promote social action and, provide support and services for Black communities
We will support Black Community Organisations to access resources and become sustainable
We will raise awareness, campaign and, influence social policy changes in local statutory and VCSE services to reduce racial inequalities and addresses gaps
We will be a critical friend to local statutory and VCSE agencies to ensure they address racial inequalities in services and employment
Develop strong and effective partnerships between Black Community Organisations
Proactively seek resources and promote collaborative bidding to develop effective services and strong organisations
Support organisations to develop effective systems and practices
Advocate for Black communities to have a place in decision making with the VCSE and statutory services to affect change
Congratulations, amazing initiative. You have my full support in any way possible. Amazing that you’ve put this together. Collaboration is so important.
Syrah NazirCENCA
We would like to get involved. Looking forward to working in the future.
Councillor Winston Strachan Northampton Borough Council
Excellent initiative. Interesting to see what effect this has on the wider community.
Alex Rex UKCF
This is a huge opportunity. We want to shape the county for our communities and be representative of that community. It's important that we listen and understand the needs of the people.
Rob Bridge Chief Executive, North Northants Council